Suction And Delivery Oil /water Rubber Hose

Product Description Applications Suitable for delivering water,compress air and other neuter liquid. Used in industries of mining, shipbuilding, mechanical equipment, building, steel, electricity and water conservancy, etc. Main structure Inner layer: employing as major materials of natural...

Product Details


Oil-and-rubber hoses, also known as rubber fuel hoses, flexible reinforced oil hoses, and fuel drain hoses, are flexible hoses for inhaling, discharging, and delivering oils of aromatic content. Compared with water rubber hoses, oil-and-rubber hoses are grounded by inserting copper wires to eliminate static electricity.


Suction And Delivery Oil /water Rubber Hose is suitable for conveying water, compressed air and other neutral liquids. Used in mining, shipbuilding, machinery, construction, steel, electricity, water and other industries.


The inner layer of Suction And Delivery Oil /water Rubber Hose is made of composite rubber such as natural rubber. It has good buckling resistance and special reinforcing agent. It has the characteristics of smoothness, bending resistance, elongation resistance and anti-aging. Its frame is made of fine fabric (canvas) or chemical fabric (rope), which is very durable. In addition, its outer layer is made of natural rubber and composite rubber. It has the characteristics of light weight, anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-bending, good resilience, wear resistance and beauty.