Sandblast Hose

shot blast hose Applications 1. Useful in various kinds of sand blast machines. 2. In shipbuilding industry, it can be used for removing rust and enhancing adhesion before hull painting. 3. Other industries: Oil tank rust-removing and reinforcing; corrosion protection in gates of bridges and...

Product Details


1. Suitable for all kinds of sand blasting machines.

2. In the shipbuilding industry, it can be used to remove rust and enhance adhesion before hull painting.

3. Other industries: rust removal of oil tanks; anti-corrosion of gates for bridges and irrigation projects; rust prevention, deoxidation and paint removal of metal parts.

The main structure

Inner layer: It is made of composite rubber such as natural rubber and urethane rubber, and special reinforcing agent is added.

Frame: Fabric reinforced sandblasted rubber hoses use fine fabric (canvas) or chemical fabric as a reinforcement layer, thus providing good flexibility and load carrying capacity.

Outer layer: It uses natural rubber and other composite rubbers, has good wear resistance and oxidation resistance, long service life and good vision.

Main types:

Ordinary sandblasting hose; rubber hose for waterway dredging, cementing pump truck, concrete, grouting, sediment, coal injection vehicle, bulk cement truck, sandblasting, large inch grout hose, white powder and dredging.

Blasting materials:

Quartz sand, steel shot, sediment, ball bearing, cement powder, cement concrete, dry mortar, coal powder, toner and mineral powder.

Suitable temperature -40°C ~ +90°C