Oil Rubber Hose

Product Description oil hose Applications Conveying or pumping gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil and other mineral oils and other products. Main structure Inner layer: employing as major materials of natural rubber and other composite rubbers that have fine oil resistance, with...

Product Details


Oil hoses are suitable for conveying or pumping gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lubricants and other mineral oils.

Main structure

Inner layer: Natural rubber and other composite materials are the main materials. The rubber added with special reinforcing agent has good oil resistance and smoothness, resistance to bending, elongation resistance and aging resistance.

Frame: Use fine fabric (canvas) or chemical fabric cloth (rope).

Outer layer: It is made of natural rubber and composite rubber as the main material. It has the characteristics of light weight, anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-bending, good resilience, wear resistance and beauty.

Applicable temperature:-40 ° C ~ + 90 ° C


1. Abrasion resistance, weather resistance and zone protection. Pressure, flexibility and light weight

2. Resistance to bending, small deformation, smooth surface, especially oil resistance.