Black Acid And Alkali Resistant Rubber Hose

Black Acid And Alkali Resistant Rubber Hose
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Product Description

Acid and alkali resistant tube 


Under the conditions of positive pressure ,delivery the 40 sulfuric acid concentration in 40% dilute acid (alkali) solution (30% hydrochloric acid, 15% sodium hydroxide, but nitric acid)

Main structure

Inner layer:

employing as major materials of natural rubber and other composite

rubbers that have fine corrosion resistance, with special reinforcing agent added.

exhibiting characteristics of smoothing, anti-bending, anti-elongating and


Framework: employing fine fabric (canvas) or chemical fabric cloth(cord).

Outer layer: using natural rubber and composite rubbers as major materials, exhibiting characteristics of light body weight, anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-bending, fine resilience, wear resistant, and good view.

Suitable temperature -40°C ~ +90°C

Product Feature

High wear resistance, high of flexible, natural rubber

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