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Water Hose Waterway Design

Jun 21, 2017

Water Hose Waterway design

Common skills

(A) waterway design First of all, to think about all the water-related equipment, such as: water purifiers, water heaters, kitchen boilers, toilets and wash basins, their location, installation and the need for hot water;

(B) in advance to make good use of gas or electric water heater, to avoid the temporary replacement of water heater species, leading to repeated waterway transformation;

(3) the bathroom in addition to left to wash basins, toilets, washing machines and other outlets, the best also one after another, then pick up the water and so on is very convenient; it depends on the owners like the problem.

(D) washing machine to determine the location, the washing machine drainage can be considered to make the drain inside the wall, beautiful and convenient;

(5) waterway transformation should be suppressed after the test, but many decoration team did not suppress the test. They will use a lot of ways to lie to you, say no need to suppress ah, there is pressure in the water pipe ah, and so on.

(6) to suppress the test the best presence of owners, can play a supervisory role; because some decoration team in this session to deceive the owners. Method is: to suppress the time to open the pump to suppress the "return valve" to form a loop, the pressure pump seems to work, but the tube and not much pressure, especially for electric pump, students should pay attention. If you do not understand when you can ask professionals to help you look at.

(7) when the collection should pay attention to check the kitchen, the bathroom is clear whether each outlet is smooth, if the drainage should be timely to clear the property; decoration during the protection of the drain should be, especially in the kitchen and toilet tiles, the most likely to cause Cement falls into the drain to cause clogging;

(8) after the shop kitchen and floor tiles should be checked to see if the drain drain is smooth (to remove the drain after the cover of the drainage speed prevail, because most of the deep water seal leaks are the problem of slow drainage);

(9) If you want to close the excess leakage, be sure to drain the gap between the drain and the ground to prevent water flow overflow;

(10) the use of deep water seal to drain, according to the use of regular clean-up, or leakage of the underlying pad hanging after the dirty things can not get closed;

(11) Another point is particularly important, the washing machine floor drain is best not to use deep water to seal, the washing machine drainage speed is very fast, large displacement, deep water seal leaks can not meet the water, the result will directly lead to water flow;

(12) waterway transformation, to the future installation of electric water heaters, water diversion and other reserved cold, hot water pipes should pay attention to four points:

1, to ensure that the distance of 15 cm (now most of the electric water heater, faucet hot and cold water water are 15 cm spacing, there are individual 10 cm);

2, cold, hot water on the water pipe mouth height consistent;

3, cold, hot water on the vertical wall of the water pipe wall, after the wall should also be careful not to pay attention to the tiles of staff (not vertical, then the installation may be strenuous);

4, cold, hot water on the water pipe mouth should be two centimeters higher than the wall, when the wall tile should also be asked to tile finished wall after the wall to ensure that the same level of wall and water pipe nozzle. Size is not appropriate, then install the electric water heater, water diversion, etc., it may be necessary to purchase additional pipe hoop, wire and other connectors to complete the installation.