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Water Hose The Details Of The Introduction

May 27, 2017

   Water Hose Water pipes are water pipes, modern decoration pipes are buried wall construction, there are three types of water pipes, the first category is the metal pipe, such as within the plastic hot cast iron pipe, brass, stainless steel pipe. The second category is plastic composite metal pipe, such as plastic pipe, aluminum composite pipe. The third category is plastic pipe, such as PB, PP-R

  Galvanized pipe

As a water pipe, the use of a few years later, the tube produces a lot of rust, the outflow of yellow water not only pollution sanitary ware, and mixed with non-smooth inner wall of bacteria, rust caused by heavy metal content in water is too high, seriously endangering the health of the human body Prohibited when drinking water pipes).

  Water Hose Brass

With corrosion resistance, sterilization, etc., is the superior in the water pipe, copper pipe interface card sets, welding and self-locking card spring and other connections. Card sets a long time there is the problem of aging leakage, welding is the use of hot melt process, the two connectors welded to achieve the effect of the connection. High strength of the connection, the welding seam weld gas protection is difficult to meet the standard, resulting in easy to rust the weld, directly reduce the service life of the pipeline; the quality of welding workers on the technical dependency, quality is difficult to stabilize. Self-locking card spring is a new type of connection, is the most simple one of the construction methods. Easy to operate, the construction staff only need to be familiar with its operational requirements, a little practice can grasp. When connecting, the cut surface of the pipe should be perpendicular to the pipe axis. The burrs inside and outside the incision should be cleaned and marked with a marker on the outside of the front end of the copper tube. Then, insert the brass into the tube in the end. Installation of low risk, suitable for a variety of installation environment, can be reused, environmental protection and energy conservation; not leak, shock, anti-thermal expansion and contraction, the use of safe, durable and reliable.

  Water Hose One of the drawbacks of brass is the rapid thermal conductivity, so the famous brass manufacturers produce hot water pipes are covered with heat to prevent the dissemination of plastic and foaming agent. Another drawback of copper is expensive. Welding construction costs higher, very few home decoration with welded copper tube. If you want a more high-end water pipe, and that the price is acceptable, it is strongly recommended that you use self-locking card-type connection. Integrated cost is low and watertight

  Stainless steel tube -------- home furnishing pipe of the new darling

Stainless steel safety, health, health, durability, eliminating the problem of plastic pipe pollution, the price is much better than copper, is the preferred water pipe material.

  Water Hose Stainless steel is not only used in medical, food, beverage, petrochemical and our home utensils, teapots, but also can be implanted in the human body, such as man-made steel skeleton, artificial teeth and so on. After several decades of application proved that stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, health, no rust, no scaling, do not seepage to put foreign body, self-cleaning good, long life, environmental protection, can be 100% recycling. The water quality will not cause secondary pollution, is the reality of the best one of the best pipeline transportation materials.