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Water Hose Rubber Market

Sep 14, 2017

Water Hose Rubber market

Early in July 2016, the domestic production areas, the rain more glue in short supply, the domestic market of natural rubber prices continued rapid rise moves last month, but then the British after take off the dollar to rise sharply, the international crude oil prices fell quickly, and the government plans to clean up the 310000 tons of inventory rubber to inventory pressure factors, such as domestic natural rubber phase of spot prices fell sharply, a short span of four days on the Shanghai futures exchange rubber 1609 contract prices fell 1395 yuan/ton, or 11.6%. Mid to late July, the mixed rubber suspension clearance rumors, Qingdao bonded library rubber stocks continued to decline, the domestic heavy card sales year-on-year growth, tire exports rise, and the factors such as tire enterprise starts well in previous years, the natural rubber market price swings. In August, the domestic and foreign region were in tapping the peak season, resources supply increase, and August is still the automobile consumption off-season, resource demand is not prosperous, at the same time, the Shanghai futures exchange rubber more than 300000 tons of the huge amount of inventory is difficult to digest, to form a larger natural rubber market prices. But the global outlook for monetary easing after brexit has been expected to increase, supporting commodity prices, including natural rubber. The comprehensive forecast of August 2016 natural rubber market price will be in low price area weak concussion. Domestic main production areas: in July, the e-commerce center of the domestic standard adhesive (SCRWF) hainan main producing region traded 3,990 tons, and the price was 1,151 yuan/ton, up 257 yuan/ton from the previous month. Yunnan e-commerce center sold 2604 tons, priced at 12158 yuan/ton, up 1305 yuan/ton on a month-on-month basis.

Domestic sales area: in July, the average price of domestic standard glue (SCRWF) Shanghai market was 10888 yuan/ton, up 765 yuan/ton on a month-on-month basis, and the maximum price was 11500 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was RMB 10300 / ton. The average price of Qingdao market is 10883 yuan/ton, up 797 yuan/ton, and the highest price is 11500 yuan/ton, and the lowest price is RMB 10300 / ton. The average price of tianjin market is 10876 yuan/ton, with an increase of 658 yuan/ton, the highest price is 11,600 yuan/ton, and the lowest price is 10350 yuan/ton.

Imports: according to customs statistics, imported natural rubber was 15.23 million tons in June 2016, down 1.81 percent year on year. The cumulative import in January and June was 116.28 million tons, an increase of 3.03 percent year on year.