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Water Hose Hose Technology

Oct 18, 2017

Water Hose Hose technology

Contact with high pressure hose also has more than half a year, and a little on the high pressure hose to understand. Often told you that high pressure hose, say this, say that. Suddenly found that I did not seem to say the process of high pressure hose. Today with you to talk about, so that some friends also know the high pressure hose process.

First of all, ready to glue, plastic, rubber. The inner glue is usually made by mixing the mixer, and the inner glue is washed out and needs to be filtered. After filtering the impurities, add sulfur. Sulfur plus, the need to park rubber, parking time is good, you can out of the tube. Before the inside of the tube, the need for soft mandrel or hard mandrel on the applicator. In addition to the preparation of the film, rolling machine into the film in the film, plus release agent winding and according to the requirements of the process cut the required width.

Out of the tube, the extruder to warm up, warm up, you can out of the tube. The inner tube of the extruder is covered with a coated soft or hard mandrel.

After the tube is good, stop cooling, you can weave or wound. The inner tube of the die is knitted or wound on the knitting machine or the winding machine with the copper wire. At the same time, the rubber sheet is wound around the two-layer copper wire in the knitting machine or the winding machine. (The winding wire ends and ends , Winding machine in the winding before the copper wire to be prestressed stereotypes processing). Weaving or winding wire after the completion of the process, once again in the extruder coated on the outer layer, and then wrapped in water cloth. And then can be sent to the vulcanization tank to start vulcanization. After vulcanization in the vulcanization tank. Out of the tank to cool, water cloth. Take out the die, and then press a root pressure test. Pressure test, low pressure 1.0MPA, pressure 5 minutes, 3 times in a row. High pressure is the high pressure hose rated working pressure of 1.5 times, holding pressure for 3 minutes. 3 consecutive times. After passing the inspection. Bundle, Jincang.

Well, so, high-pressure hose technology is basically completed, and customers need it, you can come from the warehouse, finished the product. At present, more than 300 domestic hydraulic hose manufacturers, 98% of the hose enterprises using traditional production process, the traditional hose production equipment, complex processes, processes and more; human factors impact; accuracy is not high. And a small number of enterprises have begun to adopt a new process of production, the new production process all controlled by the computer, hose, rubber extrusion machine all the parameters of self-control, reduce the impact of human factors, product quality uniform. External rubber extrusion using negative pressure extrusion, improve the internal and external adhesive force. After the tube is extruded, the diameter is measured by a laser caliper. Reinforcement layer using knitted structure, automatically cut according to the requirements, vulcanization using vacuum process. The production process is as follows:

Mixing → preparation → physical performance test → heat refining → inner tube extrusion → cooling → wire weaving, winding → outer extrusion → cooling → printing logo → water bag, plastic coating → curing → cleaning → cutting head → constant pressure Inspection → packaging library

As a result of the use of synchronous production, cold feed extrusion, compared to the original process to reduce the mixing rubber refining, inner tube parking, wear rods, mortar, off rods and other complicated manual operation.

thus. Compared with the traditional process, has the following advantages:

(1) high quality hose. The temperature, cooling temperature and high precision of the extruder are controlled by the microcomputer, and the uniformity of the inner and outer rubber is stable, and the adhesive property of the inner and outer layers is good.

(2) production linkage, high efficiency, extrusion speed can be increased 2-3 times.

(3) a high degree of automation, simple operation. From the original manual experience, into a computer control.

(4) production safety. A partial failure, automatic parking.