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Water Hose From The Material Point Of View

Jun 30, 2017

Water Hose From the material point of view

Household pipes include cold water pipes, hot water pipes, heating pipes, gas pipes, pipes, etc., from the material point of view, divided into: galvanized pipe, UPVC pipe, aluminum pipe, PPR pipe, brass and stainless steel pipe Several categories.

 Galvanized pipe most of the old house are used galvanized pipe, now gas, heating with the kind of iron pipe is also galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe as a water pipe, the use of a few years later, the tube produces a lot of rust, Water is not only contaminated sanitary ware, but also mixed with non-smooth inner wall of bacteria, rust caused by heavy metal content in water is too high, seriously endangering the health of the human body. The sixties and seventies, the international developed countries began to develop new pipe, and one after another ban galvanized pipe. China's Ministry of Construction and other four ministries also issued a document from 2000 to ban galvanized pipe, the new district of cold water pipes have been rarely used galvanized pipe, and some residential hot water pipe is the use of galvanized pipe. General gas pipes, heating pipes, pipes can use the pipe, cold water pipes and hot water pipes do not use. UPVC pipe is actually a plastic pipe, the interface is generally bonded with glue, UPVC pipe frost resistance and heat resistance are not good, it is difficult to use as hot water pipe, because its strength can not be applied to the water pressure Requirements, so cold water pipes are rarely used. In most cases, PVC pipe for wire and sewage pipes. In addition, in recent years, science and technology found that PVC can become more soft chemical additives phthalocyanine, the human body kidney, liver, testicular effect is very large, can lead to cancer, kidney damage, destruction of human function system, affecting development. So we recommend that you do not buy. Only the water pipe can use such water pipes, other types of pipes do not use the pipe.

 Aluminum-plastic pipe aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a more popular on the market of a pipe, the current market is more famous on the abundance and Jinde, because of its light, durable and easy construction, the bending is more suitable for use in home improvement. The main drawback is that when used as a hot water pipe, due to long-term thermal expansion and contraction will cause the wall dislocation caused by leakage, and is the need to renovate a few years after the water can be seen, so now use the more people The less the less. Cold water pipes, hot water pipes, heating pipes can use the pipe, and now most of the heating are using aluminum-plastic pipe, the construction is convenient and the performance can be.

PPR pipe as a new type of water pipe material, PPR pipe has a unique advantage, it can be used as a cold water pipe can also be used as hot water pipe, because of its non-toxic, light, pressure, corrosion resistance, Kind of promotional materials, PPR pipe is not only applicable to cold water pipes, but also for hot water pipes, and even pure drinking water pipes. PPR pipe interface using hot-melt technology, the tube completely integrated together, so once the installation of compression test through, not like aluminum-plastic pipe as long as the existence of a long time of aging water leakage, PPR pipe known as never fouling, never born Rust, never leak, green senior water supply material. PPR water pipe is also more domestic, good and bad mixed, the better is the import of Pilza and Wei Shui Po water pipe, the domestic star is also good.

Brass tube with corrosion resistance, sterilization, etc., is the top of the water pipe, copper pipe installation methods are sets of cards, welding and crimping three, card sets with aluminum-plastic pipe installation, like a long time aging Leakage of the problem, so in Shanghai and other places, the installation of copper users most of the use of welding, welding interface is through the oxygen together, so that it can be the same with the PPR pipe, never leak; crimping is the latest one Kind of installation technology, the domestic use of this process less manufacturers, this installation method, the need for special tools, installation is simple, anti-leakage performance and welding technology comparable, is the latest technology. One of the shortcomings of copper is expensive, very few district water supply system is copper, I am afraid only in the export apartments and high-end villa will see. If you intend to change the water pipe, but also feel good copper, it is recommended to use the welding interface, if there is crimping way can be. Both cold water pipes and hot water pipes can use such pipes.