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Water Hose Due To Material And Technology

Aug 10, 2017

Water Hose Due to material and technology

At present, home improvement market commonly used aluminum-plastic pipe, PE pipe, PP-R pipe due to the different materials and processes, there are also large differences in performance.

1, from the connection point of view, aluminum pipe is a physical connection, simple, convenient, unless improper operation, its safety and reliability is very high. PE and PP-R are hot melt or fused connection, the process is complex, easy to produce stacking defect area, resulting in stress concentration, affecting the long-term performance of the pipeline; In addition, the local high temperature fuse easy to promote pipeline material degradation, The

2, from the long-term health performance, aluminum-plastic tube in the middle of the aluminum layer of oxygen, not easy to lead to microbial and algae breeding, general outer PE to allow antioxidants, will not cause internal water pollution, PE pipe and PP-R Can not block oxygen, easily lead to microbial and algae breeding, affecting the health of drinking water; and contains a large number of antioxidants, easily lead to water pollution.

3, from the high temperature performance, aluminum-plastic pipe GB standard long-term use of the temperature of 95 ℃, the maximum temperature of 110 ℃, fully meet the needs of domestic water; PE pipe with the temperature rise in its performance decreased rapidly Limited to cold water delivery; PP-R GB long-term use of the temperature of 70 ℃, the maximum temperature of 95 ℃, the use of hot water pipe has some limitations.

4, from the anti-aging properties, aluminum-plastic pipe molecular structure is stable, the inner and outer PE separated, the outer layer to allow enough to add light, antioxidant and not affect the contact with the inner water hygiene; PE pipe molecular structure is stable, But the single-layer structure is not conducive to adding stabilizers, easy to lead to secondary pollution of the pipeline water; PP-R tube contains a large number of unstable tertiary carbon atoms, susceptible to light, oxygen, impurities and aging.

1, corrosion-resistant, long life, in China's coastal areas, the groundwater level is high, the land humidity, the use of seamless steel pipe must be anti-corrosion

And do the installation of Yang Zheng outward temper, and life only 30 years, and PE pipe can withstand a variety of chemical media erosion, no anti-corrosion treatment. In addition,

It will not promote algae, bacteria or fungi growth, the service life of 50 years.

2, excellent physical properties. Medium density polyethylene properties between high and low density polyethylene between the two, both to maintain the high density of polyethylene rigidity, strength, but also very good flexibility, creep resistance, and higher density polyethylene more heat Melt connection performance is excellent, is conducive to the installation of plastic pipe.