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Water Hose Cold Environment

Sep 04, 2017

Water Hose Cold environment

Common failure analysis of rubber hose

The fault of the rubber layer

(1) the hose appeared crack

The main reason for the appearance of the hose is that the hose is bent under the cold.

(2) the outside of the hose appears bubbling

The outer surface of the hose is caused by the failure of the quality of the hose production or improper use at work.

(3) the hoses are not broken but are heavily oiled

The reason is that the inner glue is eroded and grazed when the pressure is flowing through the hose, and the steel layer is leaking out of the steel layer, which causes a lot of oil seeping.

(4) the rubber layer of the hose is badly deteriorated and the surface appears microcrack. This is the natural aging of the hose. Due to aging and deterioration, the outer layer of oxidation causes the surface to cover a layer of ozone, and as the time increases, the tube will be slightly bent in the use of the tube, causing tiny cracks. In this case, hose should be replaced.

Fault of the rubber layer

(1) the rubber layer in the hose is hard and has a crack: the main reason is that the rubber product is flexible and pliable due to the addition of plasticizer. But the hose overheats, it overflows the plasticizer.

(2) tube and sub badly spoiled, distention, tube and sub badly spoiled, obvious distention tube and plastic material and is the cause of oil in the hydraulic system are incompatible, hose by chemistry and metamorphism.

The fault of the reinforcement layer is shown

(1) the hose ruptures and the steel wire is rusted near the broken mouth and the hose is broken, and the outer layer is removed and the steel wire is found to be rusted near the broken mouth. This is mainly due to the effect of damp or corrosive materials on the layer, which weakens the hose strength and causes the high pressure to rupture.

(2) the hose reinforcement layer is not rusted, but the strengthening layer appears irregular broken wire phenomenon

The tube was broken and the outer layer was not found to be rusting, but the length direction of the reinforced layer was irregular, and the main reason was that the hose was affected by the high frequency impact.

4 failure at the fracture site

(1) the hose is broken at one or more points, the cracks are neat and the other parts are kept well.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that the system pressure is too high, which exceeds the resistance of the hose.

(2) the hose rupture occurred

The reason for this phenomenon is that the hose has been subjected to excessive torsion during installation or use.