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Water Hose Basic Process

Aug 25, 2017

Water Hose Basic process

The basic process of water pipe production for the processing of rubber, cord (see the curtain line) and canvas processing, hose molding, curing and so on. Different structure and different skeleton of the hose, the skeleton of the processing methods and hose forming equipment vary. The whole glue pipe because there is no skeleton layer, just use the press out of the hose can be; cloth hose need to use the tape wrapped in the inner layer of the molding machine; suction hose in the shape of the first spiral after the metal spiral The knitting and winding of the hose need to use a special fabric weaving machine or winding machine; knitting hose need to use knitting machine and so on.

Pipe forming method according to the use of die or not, can be divided into a core method (including soft core method and hard core method), coreless method. A core method refers to the hose in the hard core or soft core on the shape, coreless method is the skeleton layer and the outer layer directly in the extrusion of the inner hose on the shape. In order to ensure that the hose in the vulcanization process in the pressure state, the hose after forming the package of water cloth (width of about 10cm damp cloth), rope or lead, and then vulcanization. The vulcanization can be carried out by direct steam heating or continuous vulcanization. Short fiber hose is the short fiber directly into the compound, and then press molding, the production process is simple, it will gradually replace the knitted hose and cloth hose. Modern hose production process tends to be highly continuous and automated. The use of thermoplastic rubber or plastic can save the vulcanization process, greatly simplifying the production process.

The scope of application of water pipes is very wide, the common air pipe, welded pipe, gas pipe, ventilation pipe, material pipe, oil pipe, chemical pipe, so that the market space is very large. The current water pipe market development encountered some obstacles, mainly the overall pass rate of water pipes is relatively low. First of all to enhance the quality of their products, to rectify the market, to prevent non-normative. This also requires the relevant agencies to increase management efforts, correct the direction of investment in small and medium enterprises to ensure that the market health, so as to be sustainable development.

China's water pipe, with products in the international market in the development prospects of accession to the WTO will further promote China to become the world's traditional industrial products processing base, China's clothing, footwear, etc. have accounted for a considerable share in the international market, rubber products are typical Traditional industrial products, and China's rubber industry already has a certain basis, it is entirely possible to become the world's rubber products processing base. China's water pipes, with products, already have the conditions to participate in the international market competition, should seize the opportunity to play their own advantages, according to the needs of the international market to provide more varieties and higher quality water pipes, with international competition, Products like shoes, tires and other products, in the international market accounted for a larger share.