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The Use Of Large Diameter Hose Features

Large diameter hose As the name suggests is the hose than ordinary type of hose diameter to large circle, big circle of course than the ordinary type of hose has different use features, manufacturers according to customer needs to carry out production and processing of the product, this article is You detail the main features of the product.

Large diameter hose features: 1. Bending radius should not be less than a given bend radius, to prevent damage to the hose frame or due to excessive expansion, early damage. 2. According to the conditions of use, the correct selection of hose varieties, specifications, not to use or substitute. 3. hose to use, the pressure to adjust the slow pace of balance to avoid sudden damage to the pressure pipe increases. 4. Workplace changes, should be carried away from the ground, not mopping the floor, so as not to scratch the outer plastic, the corrosion of the skeleton layer. 5. Transport corrosive liquid, the internal use should be removed after the clean, long-term corrosion to prevent the residue tube, or use the appropriate product.