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The Main Use Of High-pressure Hose Material Which

Nov 17, 2016

(1) EPDM Eli: excellent heat resistance, steam resistance, weather resistance, chemical corrosion and excellent electrical insulation properties, especially for glycol ether brake fluid and vegetable oil resistance is better . For the manufacture of heat, steam and strong corrosive medium resistance to high-pressure hose.

(2) chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber: has excellent resistance to ozone and weather aging properties. Good chemical resistance, excellent flame resistance, oil resistance and tear resistance. Suitable for the production of strong corrosive medium resistance, fire, ozone aging requirements of the high-pressure hose, especially for the manufacture of harsh atmosphere in the use of the outer hose compound.

(3) chloroprene rubber: has excellent weather resistance. Oil, solvent performance. Good fire resistance and low permeability, suitable for the manufacture of oil-resistant, ozone-resistant, weather-resistant and low permeability high-pressure hose.