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Rubber Roller Material Selection

Sep 26, 2017

Rubber Roller Material selection

Material selection of rubber roller

1. Resistance to drug - to meet the oil resistance, resistance to economic, chemical resistance, synthetic rubber in the comparative choice, such as printing rollers to be resistant to economic, oil resistance, acid resistance and so on.

2. Physical --- rubber elasticity, buckling, impact, wear and other physical properties affect the rubber wheel life and product quality, must be carefully selected, such as plastic film rubber roller to be flexible and wear Sex.

3. Economy --- rubber roller because of different material selection price changes are very large, so the value and life should be measured in time, such as the ordinary heat-resistant 150-degree roller to be used high-priced rubber.

4. Heat resistance --- high temperature easy to make rubber aging, in addition to the core design to consider the cooling system, the rubber material particularly careful choice, such as the plastic industry, paper industry, not only to consider the wear resistance Consider heat resistance and heat dissipation. The use and maintenance of rubber rollers

First, the pressure between the roller between the heavy roller weight between the heavy, will increase the friction between the roller, so that the rubber heating up, increase the squeeze between the roller expansion, to accelerate the aging of the roller and Deformation, speed up the ink and water emulsification process, this is not conducive to the transmission of ink.

The solution is that the pressure between the rollers should be exactly the same as the pressure on the contact plate. Experience is to use a 1500 silk, 3cm wide plug plug between the roller, can feel a certain force on the line.

After scrubbing, then wipe the cloth with a clean cloth and then put the rubber roller on the machine to facilitate the next use.

Second, the surface of the roller surface of the crystallization of the surface of the plastic film closed the pores of the roller, the roller will lose the role of ink, resulting in uniform distribution of ink cloth, prone to ink emulsification.

The solution is: the machine on the rubber roller unloaded, with the shelf flat, take the cloth group of kerosene and pumice powder, forced evenly rub the surface of the roller, the roller surface of the crystal layer erased, showing the original Rubber roller color, and then use the car wash water or gasoline to the residual kerosene and pumice powder on the clean, clean and re-install and adjust the pressure of the roller.

Third, the roller bearing maintenance In the high-speed operation of the machine, the rubber roller bearing wear is very obvious, especially the operator usually peg bearing maintenance cloth Note that the wear even more powerful. Cot roller bearing a certain degree of damage, it will produce roller jitter friction and squeeze, reduce the life of the roller. And will make the printed products have "ink, water bar" phenomenon. So ask the operator to take the roller every week to win, to the bearing marked with butter, those who wear badly, bad rotation of the bearing replaced to ensure the normal use of the roller.

Fourth, the workshop environment The impact of the rubber roller in the hot and humid weather and from the surrounding dust flying environment production, the machine's high-speed operation to the roller surface temperature continues to rise, the rubber roll in the heat expansion, Roller friction, which will make the use of rubber roller shortened.

So in the conditional factory, offset printing plug-in requirements to install air conditioning, keep the workshop clean and clean, making the machine in a good environment in the production operation, only in a good workshop environment in production, will produce high-quality products.