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Rubber Roller Drum Package Way

Rubber Roller  Drum package way

What is the adhesive effect? This depends on the choice of what mode of operation, the drum package is generally three kinds of plastic, hot vulcanized drum package plastic, cold vulcanized drum package plastic and tile-type drum package plastic.

These three ways before doing a small series contrast, interested friends can read it, Xiao Bian in this one will not repeat them. In short, the cold vulcanized drum plastic package relative to the other two kinds of plastic way, it is more convenient, fast bonding and easy to use the way, is currently the most desirable way a plastic package.

Cold vulcanized plastic, different from the heat curing, it does not require large-scale curing equipment vulcanizing machine, completely rely on their own bonding force to connect the drum and plastic materials, so the glue is also called adhesive requirements is very high, sticky In the selection of the time must be careful.

So, in the end how to choose a good adhesive effect of adhesive it? In other words, what qualities does good adhesive require?

Fast drying

Conveyor belt downtime means that the production of stagnation, rapid encapsulation can greatly reduce downtime, reduce downtime.

2. Safety flame retardant

If the encapsulation in a more closed environment, such as coal mines, the special environment requires us to choose in the package adhesive must be selected when a safe flame retardant adhesive.

3. Easy to operate

When wrapped, do not need to use any large-scale curing equipment, simple tools to operate.

4. Adhesive strength Strong adhesion is the basic requirements of high-quality adhesive is the most important requirements, the adhesive strength of the adhesive directly affect the quality of the drum package.

Hot sulfur type

Traditional hot vulcanized drum package

This technology is relatively backward, the traditional hot vulcanized rubber coated drum due to low vulcanization pressure, high sulfur content, coupled with plastic package with low plastic content, rubber wear resistance is poor, the service life is very short, in the normal working conditions first Easy to aging, rubber aging will become hard, resulting in the conveyor roller and belt adhesion decreased, cleaning function decreased, drum hot package technology behind, complex operation, can not be on-site construction operations. Hot vulcanized plastic package costs lower, or some manufacturers of the first choice. Thermal vulcanization adhesive is the strongest, but because of the heat curing process, the vulcanization of some low pressure, resulting in heat out of the drum, wear resistance is not very good, and long-distance transport to the manufacturers also caused a certain Of the cost, so the share of hot vulcanized encapsulated less and less.