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Rubber Hose The Performance Of The Rubber Hose

Rubber Hose The performance of the rubber hose

In our country, the rubber hose with woven net with steel belt is used only in individual manufacturers. In order to discuss the strength of steel belt net, a brief introduction is given below.

The steel belt of the so-called rubber flexible pipe mesh is woven by several or dozens of steel bands of certain widths along the corrugated bus bars, which are intersected to the surface of the bellows. Therefore, the determination of the theoretical width will depend on the outer diameter of the bellows, the Angle of weaving and the number of spindles. But, in the practical engineering application, if according to the theoretical formula of the parameters of the weave net, is bound to produce corrugated pipe is completely blocked up, the result of the close to form a rigid cylinder of the quilt, tight set on the outer surface of the corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe can not play a role. In order to maintain network weaving set of rubber hose with steel belt has rubber hose steel wire woven nets that feature, must make the actual width of the strip width less than the theory, that is, net of bellows coverage ratio less than 1. Only in this way, the elasticity and flexibility of the bellows can be reflected, and the smaller the ratio, the more fully it will be reflected.

If the outer diameter of the bellows has been determined, the ratio of the number of steel bands, the Angle of weaving, the actual width of the steel belt and the coverage ratio of the net sleeve to the corrugated pipe is the four variables that can be adjusted to each other. In determining the weaving parameters of steel belt mesh, it is necessary to consider the specific situation.

The number of steel ingots is generally greater than or equal to 4, and for hand weaving, it is feasible in this range. But for mechanical weaving, it's hard. The number of spindle sets of domestic knitting machines is fixed and unadjustable. Therefore, the spindle number of the steel belt is best determined according to the number of ingots in the existing knitting loom. At present, domestic knitting loom has 24 ingot, 36 ingot, 48 ingot, and 64 ingot. However, they are specially designed for woven wire mesh, woven with the "double flower" pattern, while the steel belt is best in "single flower" pattern. For this kind of weaving machine, it can be used to weave steel belt net.

The actual width of the steel belt has been discussed before, and it must be smaller than the theoretical width, depending on the size of the network set to the coverage ratio of the bellows.

The ratio of the net set to the coverage of the bellows is generally controlled within the range of 75-95%. If the value is too large, the soft characteristics of the bellows will be suppressed. If the value is too small, it will not be able to protect the bellows from the mechanical damage caused by knocking, touching, grinding and bumping. The values it also directly affects the performance of the rubber hose, meaning contrary to braided Angle, if take a ceiling, can make the rubber hose under high load, but bad for its soft features; If you take the lower limit, you can use its soft property, but you can't bear the higher load.

As mentioned above, any change in parameters may change the performance of the rubber hose from one aspect. Therefore, when determining the weaving parameters of the steel belt mesh, the specific requirements of the rubber hose must be considered.