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Rubber Hose The Main Medium

Sep 26, 2017

Rubber Hose The main medium

Talk about the manufacturing basis of the product

1, rubber hose working environment: from the tubing of the working environment, in the open air environment, machinery and equipment, on the surface, etc., taking into account these factors, the choice of material to take into account the anti-aging, wear and other characteristics.

2, economic indicators: from the tubing economic indicators, to economic, is less money, more production value. We must consider the stability of the material performance, the rationality of the formula, the cost of the formula material.

3, the main medium of such products for the oil, followed by the design of the pressure on the inner layer and the wire layer is the key match.

4, manufacturing process, etc.: from the tubing manufacturing process point of view, mainly taking into account the manufacturing economy, product stability and sustainable production of the material as far as possible to meet the production requirements.

5, safety factors, safety factors: from the tubing safety considerations, to take into account the normal working environment of the tubing required, taking into account the anti-static, flame retardant, the normal pressure. Involved in this area of material, to choose a good, some aspects of the requirements are involved in the importance of material, it is focused on.

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Hose is a modern industrial equipment, engineering machinery, one of the important adapter, the application of the hydraulic system is very common. Rubber hose on the purchase of technical advice, the correct choice of hose, related to the entire hydraulic system can work properly. Rubber hose industry cycle chain hidden rules for each industry has its existence of the unspoken rules, then the rubber hose industry has what kind of unspoken rules? Let's take a closer look

First of all regular manufacturers do not use in the recycling, the product is about to use scrapped or scrapped products, we directly deal with, do not do recycling, after a long time after the rubber with aging, its performance and accessories have changed , Although it can be used but used in the production of the product quality has been scruples, and the appearance is not visible.