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Rubber Hose Introduction Of Wire Braided Hose Products

Rubber Hose Introduction of wire braided hose products

Introduction of wire braided hose products

Mainly used for aircraft fuel, mine hydraulic support, oil field mining, engineering machinery and equipment in the hydraulic system, used to transport high temperature, high pressure kerosene, oil, red oil (flammable and explosive media), to achieve a series of products.

product structure:

Mainly by the liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner layer, the middle layer, Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ layer of steel braided layer, weather-resistant synthetic rubber outer layer composition, the inner layer of the conveyor medium to withstand the pressure to protect the wire from erosion The role of the outer layer of protective wire from damage, the steel layer is a skeleton material, from the enhanced role.

The steel braided hose structure is composed of a rubber-resistant synthetic rubber inner layer, a middle rubber layer, a layer I or II or III steel wire reinforcing layer, and a weather resistant synthetic rubber outer layer.

Product Usage:

High-pressure steel wire reinforced hydraulic hose is mainly used for mine hydraulic support, oil field development, suitable for engineering construction, lifting transport, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and various industrial sectors mechanized and automated hydraulic system (Such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) and water-based liquids (such as emulsions, oil-water emulsions, water) and the like.

The company's precision testing equipment research team can provide large-diameter rubber tube material composition test analysis

【Product Improvement】: According to the performance of the sample provided by the improvement, or according to product parameters design formula, such as low temperature, high temperature, anti-aging properties

【Material identification】: rubber material material identification test, to provide import and export related proof, time is short, low cost, the results of the prospective

【Analysis】: combined with large-scale laboratory rubber samples, combined with the standard spectrum, by the researchers to restore the product and provide supplier reference

Large-diameter rubber tube composition analysis process: sample combination evaluation, separation and purification, instrument analysis, spectral analysis, comprehensive verification of five steps, NMR nuclear magnetic resonance, XRF fluorescence scattering, IR analyzer, mass spectrometer and other complete instrument facilities, Get the correct spectrum data, clear the composition of raw materials, auxiliary cost reduction. Microarray provide rubber tube analysis, EPDM rubber, natural rubber, chlorinated nitrile rubber composition detection, [$ Z rubber additives Z $], to provide low temperature resistant rubber, high temperature, anti-aging properties, to help you solve the phase More common problems, foreign body analysis, quality control.

[Industrial diagnostics]: Eliminate non-process problems caused by product quality problems, such as scorching, spit white, vulcanization time is too long and other issues, by understanding the sample composition, recommended additives and other solutions

With advanced preparation, we can for different use of environmental large diameter hose research and development advantages

One, NMR nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometer, IR analyzer, mass spectrometer, XRF fluorescence scattering, the whole package;

Second, [$ Z expert team, experienced, high degree of reduction Z $];

Third, my company has industry-leading, domestic authority of the analysis of industry leaders.