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Rubber Hose Demand Outlook

Sep 14, 2017

Rubber Hose Demand outlook

This week, the main contract of Shanghai glue is going down, the capital is fast forward. The 1701 contract ended on Friday night with a closing price of 13,950 yuan/ton. The 1705 contract ended with the main contract, with a closing price of 14335 yuan/ton on Friday night. This week's change of market is still in concussion, many empty factors all have, the market above is difficult to have clear to the contract judgment, general all is watching the digest of the old warehouse receipt. At the same time, the contract was also started in advance, with 1701 contracts held at 233186 hands on Friday, 1705 holding 13,0670 positions. The market believes that the 1705 contract is more fundamental and more likely to rise than the 1701 contract.


1. The total stock volume of Shanghai stock exchange last week was 355046 tons (+ 1142), which continued to increase; The amount of futures warehouse is 292,570 tons (-3110). The size of the warehouse is still at 350, 000 tons, and the market is still waiting for 170,000 tons of old glue. The delivery date is 15, and it is necessary to observe whether the consumer terminal can digest the warehouse receipt. 2. On November 1, the latest data from the Qingdao free trade zone at the end of October, the rubber inventory continued to decline 0.12% to 8.32 million tons. The natural rubber inventory continued to decrease, and the inventory fell 2.26% to 476 thousand tons. And the compound is holding steady. Synthetic rubber stocks rose slightly, up 3.39 per cent to 30,500 tonnes.


1. In October, the recard data came out, and the domestic heavy card market sold about 67400 vehicles, up 49 percent year-on-year. Monthly gains hit a new high this year. It is understood that in September, the implementation of the over-limit overloaded behavior "key treatment phase" was carried out as scheduled, and the new regulations were strictly implemented everywhere. Since mid-to-late October, transport users from all over the world have stepped out of the waiting list, adding to the lure of a general increase in highway rates. Under the circumstances, heavy car sales have been greatly stimulated and the full-year recard sales are expected to hit 700, 000 vehicles. 2. On March 3, the us customs issued a notice to suspend countervailing duties. Starting from November 2, 2016, it will no longer carry on the anti-subsidy tax on imported Chinese trucks and buses. At the same time, it continues to vote on the final damage to the case, which is scheduled for January 19, 2017.