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Introduction Of Chemical Hose

Nov 17, 2016

It can be used to transport benzene [toluene, xylene] ketone [methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, cyclohexanone] ester [butyl ester, ethyl ester], which has good resistance to strong solvent, strong acid and alkali medium. , Alcohols, aldehydes, hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc. Almost all known chemical varieties of hoses. The solvent hose is widely used in the chemical industry, paint, paint, ink industry production process delivery and discharge coatings, dyes, inks, paints, chemical additives and benzene, ketone organic solvents; storage, transportation chemical industry filling trucks, Transportation and discharge of various solvents, acid and alkali and other corrosive chemicals in the barges, wharves or storage tanks; transportation of printing inks (oil-based inks and water-based inks) in the printing and packaging industry.