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Industry Rubber Hose The Application Of Hose

Sep 26, 2017

Industry Rubber Hose The application of hose

About hose classification which is the most commonly used

About hose classification which is the most commonly used

For the application of the hose, the industry is in short supply, the preferred high-pressure hose is the most commonly used, in view of the pressure and oil resistance good application in the equipment connection, engineering machinery, hydraulic pillars and other maximum pressure up to 70Mpa

For the cloth rubber hose to a wider range of water, industrial water, mud, hydraulic oil, emulsified oil, hot water, etc. can be used to sweep steam

Large diameter hose, 6 layers of curtain clamp a layer of spiral wire, in the application of negative pressure in the case,

Exports more products are steel hose, ordinary hose, high technical content of the automotive hose and other exports less. Hose in the chemical fiber winding pipe, braided tube, knitting tube, wire braided tube, winding tube and resin hose ratio of more than 60%, also close to the international advanced level. As the product structure and international standards, is conducive to China's rubber pipe products exports.

The main rubber tube production capacity of the world among the best. Although China's rubber pipe products have a large number of export the basic conditions, but the actual export volume is still less. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in recent years, the annual export volume of rubber pipe only rubber products, the total annual export volume of less than 1% for the tire annual export volume of 9.5%, 1.4% of the annual export volume. In addition, it is estimated that China's rubber pipe exports accounted for about 10% of total output value.

    The importance of the application of the hose, with the rapid development of society, the development of transport also marks the level of development of a city, as small as a document flow, hit the tonnage level of objects, can transport, but also very fast, Like Taobao express fast when the morning to achieve the next single, served in the afternoon.

     Like this hose industry, there are many restrictions on the transport of the conditions, not the hose is long, that is, hose diameter is too large, or else the logistics route is not very smooth, need to transit, so there is a logistics company to force is also very important , This is not a period of time out of a file thing.

      There is a customer in Inner Mongolia need large diameter hose, consult several hose factory, because the tax is not 包邮 given large diameter hose offer is his more heart, and ultimately the customer decided to cooperate with the Inner Mongolia. Because the customer information on this piece of logistics is not very understanding, do not know what logistics can be delivered to the door, just there are a number of Inner Mongolia direction is not very good way to the high pressure hose need to transport, this place needs our department manager to go , So our dedicated manager decided not to accept customer freight, rubber and plastic to the customer advance, sent high pressure hose to send large diameter hose, due to the quality and credibility of the hose coupled with the efforts of the manager, the customer has gradually under a few list , Although the amount is not great, visible to the customer feel, and become an old customer.