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Industry Rubber Hose During The Withholding Process

Industry Rubber Hose During the withholding process

There are two cases where the specific parts of the high pressure hose joint are leaking: Generally, the connection between the joint body and the steel wire braided high pressure hose joint is not tightened, and the other is the connection between the joint body and the hydraulic part. Closely caused by. For the former, the high-pressure tubing in the withholding process, should be combined with the wall thickness of the sleeve, pay attention to the buckling force, excluding the buckle is not tight; for the second case, that is, connector body and hydraulic parts of the connection between the body is generally used Ordinary fine thread. Connect the connector body and the connector side of the connection with O-ring or combination of sealing gasket for sealing. Generally use the end or tapered surface seal connection, in the joint end or sealing cone also added O-ring for sealing. But no matter what kind of seal, pipe seal failure caused by oil leakage accounted for about 90%; vibration, tightening torque and other failure caused by oil leakage accounted for 10%. The same time as the above-

(1) size hose nominal diameter, Xingda told us to use the type of connector (mainly flange connection, threaded connection, quick connector connection) and metal hose size, hose length.

(2) Xingda introduced pressure according to the actual working pressure of the hose, and then check the corrugated metal hose nominal diameter and pressure gauge, in order to decide whether to use stainless steel mesh sets of metal hoses.

(3) media hose in the transmission of the chemical properties of the media, we Xingda according to the hose material corrosion resistance, determine the hose parts of the material.

(4) temperature The working temperature and range of the medium in the hose; the ambient temperature at which the hose is operating. At high temperatures, the working pressure temperature correction factor at the high temperature of the metal hose shall be determined to determine the temperature after the temperature correction to determine the correct pressure rating.

(5) State Refer to the correct use and installation method of the metal hose and the optimum length of the high pressure hose at the time of settlement compensation. The length of the various movement of the hose calculation and the minimum number of bending the hose and the minimum bending radius and other factors, the parameters of the correct selection of hose length, and the correct installation.

1, with the mixer by mixing the inner layer of plastic, the middle of plastic and rubber; with extruder extruded inner tubing, coated with a release agent on the soft core or hard core (liquid nitrogen Frozen method can also not die).

2, calendering machine into the middle of the film, plus release agent and according to the requirements of the process cut the required width.

3. Include the inner tube of the die tube in the winding machine or knitting machine wound on the copper wire or copper wire rope, while in the winding machine or knitting machine will be laminated in the middle of the laminated film in every two layers of copper wire or copper wire rope , Winding wire at the beginning and end of the banding (some early winding machine to be pre-copper-plated steel wire pre-stress treatment).

4, once again in the extruder coated on the outer plastic, and then wrapped in lead or cloth vulcanized protective layer.

5, through the curing tank or salt bath curing.

6, and finally remove the vulcanized protective layer, out of the die, withholding on the pipe joints, sampling pressure test. In short, the manufacture of high-pressure tubing use more equipment, more types of raw materials, the production process is complex. But in recent years to plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material of the hydraulic tubing production process may be appropriate to simplify, but the high raw material prices, rubber raw materials are still the main.