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High Pressure Hose Production Process

Nov 17, 2016

1, with the mixer by mixing the inner layer of plastic, the middle layer of plastic and the outer plastic; with extruder inner tubing, coated with a release agent in the soft core or hard core (liquid nitrogen Freezing method may also not die)

2, calender press into the middle layer of plastic film, plus isolation agent according to process requirements and cut into the provisions of the width

3. Wrapping or weaving copper-coated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope with tubing inner-layer tubing on the winding machine or knitting machine, simultaneously winding the middle layer of plastic film on each two-layer copper-plated steel wire or copper plating in winding machine or knitting machine Wire rope, winding wire at the beginning and end of the banding (some early winding machine to be pre-stressed copper wire pre-stressing treatment)

4, once again in the extruder on the outer layer of plastic coated, and then wrap the lead or cloth vulcanized protective layer

5, through the curing tank or salt bath curing

6, the last to remove the curing layer of protection, out of the die, withhold the pipe joints, sampling pressure test.