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For The Use Of Large Diameter Hose Need To Pay Attention To What Problems

Nov 17, 2016

1, the hose and hose assembly delivered by the medium temperature under normal circumstances, should not exceed -40 ℃ - +120 ℃, otherwise it will reduce the service life.

2, large diameter hose assembly should not be less than the minimum bending radius of the hose to use, to avoid bending or bending near the pipe joints occur, otherwise it will hinder the hydraulic transmission and transportation of materials or damage to the hose assembly.

3, hose and hose assembly, should not be used in the reverse state.

4, hose and hose assembly should be handled carefully, should not be sharp and rough surface drag, should not be bent and crushed.

5, large-diameter hose assembly should be kept clean, the internal should be washed clean (especially the acid pipe, spray pipe, mortar pipe). To prevent foreign objects into the lumen, blocking the transmission fluid, damage to equipment.