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Which causes damage to the large-diameter hose industry

Whether the application of what products, which will be more or less affected by certain factors, introduced in the relevant professionals, we understand that dumping on a country's industry has a strong destructive, dumping constitutes a large-diameter hose industry In order to prevent the occurrence of unfair competition and to ensure the living conditions of the domestic industry, the government needs to conduct an industrial injury investigation and, on the basis of the investigation, combine the measurement results of the industrial damage amplitude and maintain the anti-dumping duty Industrial injury caused by the export of foreign goods or overseas subsidy. And in the anti-dumping duties to consider the amount of compensation for industrial damage, balanced dumping on the domestic large-diameter hose industry damage.

Importing country authorities in order to carry out industrial damage maintenance, according to law to the domestic large-diameter hose industry damage caused by dumping acts to impose anti-dumping duties and other measures to offset the consequences of the legal action, is the so-called anti-dumping. According to relevant regulations, there are three prerequisites for the establishment of anti-dumping: First, the existence of dumping; Second, the composition of damage, that is, significant damage to the domestic industry or a major threat to the domestic new industry; Third, between dumping and damage Causal relationship.