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Urethane Rollers

May 31, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:GP-3

  • Type:Vertical Conveyor

  • Structure:Conveyor System

  • Material:Rubber

  • Material Feature:Oil Resistant

  • Certification:ISO9001:2008

  • Energy Saving:Energy Saving

  • Warranty:5 Years

  • Color:Multi Color

  • Customized:Customized

  • Condition:New

  • Trademark:globalpu

  • Transport Package:Wooden Pallet

  • Specification:OEM

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:4002119000

Product Description

Item : OEM Products
Polyurethane elastomer is a new type of polymer composite materials of between rubber and plastic. Its features are as below:
1.Wide range of hardness. It still has high hardness and elongation of rubber elasticity. Polyurethane elastomer hardness range of Shore A10-D80.
2.High strength. Much higher in the rubber hardness of their tensile strength and load-bearing capacity than the general rubber. Much higher impact strength and bending strength of the plastic off than under high hardness.
3.Wear-resisting.The wear resistance is very outstanding, generally in the 0.01-0.10 (cm3) /1.61km range of about 3-5 times the rubber.
4.Oil resistance. Polyurethane elastomer is a strong polar polymers, and small affinity for non-polar mineral oil, fuel oil and lubricating oil is almost free from erosion.
5.Good resistance to oxygen and ozone resistance
6.Vibration absorbing performance, do shock absorption, cushioning effect. In the mold manufacturing, rubber and replace the spring
7.Good low temperature performance
8.Radiation resistance. Properties of polyurethane resistant high-energy rays well, at 10-10 Ge radiation dose still has satisfactory performance
9.Good machining properties. (Turning, milling, grinding, drilling,etc.)

Polyurethane rubber roller is used for printing equipment.
Application Features:
1. Bright color appearance, fine and smooth surface colloid, colloidal material and mandrel firmly bonding. Polyurethane rubber roller is strictly with size control, the size wouldn't be big changed with different temperatures and humidity conditions. It is able to adapt to the hot and high humidity environment in southern press room and cold & dry weather conditions in norther ones.
2. Polyurethane rubber rollers is with good chemical properties, which is suitable for all types of inks and printing methods. It is with special resist for various types of ink, fountain solution, washing solvent components. Polyurethane rubber roller is also suitable for UV inks and coatings,etc. It has good solvent resistance especially for boiling water, diesel fuel, gasoline, lubricating oils, kerosene, alcohol and salt solution, but it is impatient for acetone, acid and alkali.
3. Polyurethane rubber roller is with broad hardness, from HSA15 to HSD80, which can meet different types of presses on the requirement of rubber hardness;
4. Polyurethane rubber roller with colloidal viscosity having sufficient surface, which can guarantee good performance ink transfer and ink in the printing process, its good performance ink receptive ensure high-quality printing
5. Polyurethane rubber roller is with good chemical properties, which have good solvent resistance especially for diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, kerosene, alcohol and saline solution;
6. Polyurethane rubber roller is with excellent physical properties, which won't be harden and aging for long-tern usage, and due to tear resistance, good resilience, excellent wear resistance, it owns a long lifetime, also easy to store, there is no affect for usage after long-term storage. It can withstand high pressure, high speed, high humidity manufacturing environment. Experimental results show that the tensile strength of polyurethane rubber roller is 3 and 5 times of natural rubber rollers for wear resistance property. Its lifetime is generally 3 times of normal rubber roller.
7. Polyurethane rubber roller is with excellent hydrophilic, it can be used as water, alcohol dampening systems;
8. Polyurethane rubber roller is with high strength, high tear, shear and wear resistance.
Applications Attentions:
1. Normally it is unstable for internal structure of the fresh polyurethane rubber roller, if used immediately, it will reduce the lifetime, therefore urethane rubber roller should be placed in the outside for some time, remained relatively stable, which can increase the resilience of the colloid, thereby enhancing the durability effect.
2. Urethane rubber roller is with high strength, high tear resistance,etc. To withstand high pressure, high humidity of the production environment, but there are special attentions to its storage. General method is to seal up the colloid with plastic film after clean, put is on the empty shelves of urethane rubber roller, no abandonment or pressure, holding the roller core is not eccentric, bend, in order to ensure the normal usage of the roller core. As long as we pay attention to some storage issues, it can extend the lifetime of polyurethane rubber roller.
Global Polyurethane company develops high abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, oil, acid, high resilience, anti-aging properties of polyurethane (PU) elastomers have significant results, widely used in ceramic mold, industrial transport, engineering machinery, coal, metallurgy, oil exploration, high-speed rail and other industrial fields.
Main Products: polyurethane raw materials, high resilience prepolymer, rubber products, plastic scraper, cable trays, plastic bag roller, screen, scraper cleaner, industrial casters, skate wheels, skateboard wheels, general machinery parts , seals tube materials, special polyurethane material, non-standard shaped pieces
Global Polyurethane understands the importance of reliable up time
 of production equipment and prompt delivery, and is totally committed to meeting the needs of our customers.
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