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Short fiber in the application of rubber products

Nov 17, 2016

(1) hose is mainly used in the manufacture of anti-low pressure hose, such as agricultural and horticultural irrigation hose, low-pressure tubing in the car, the general water pipes, etc.

(2) tape V-belt compression layer using 5-20 copies of short fibers can significantly improve the lateral and vertical stiffness of the triangle, to improve the lateral friction and transmission efficiency. In the surface layer can increase the friction between the tape and the sheave, reduce noise and reduce wear.

(3) tire short fiber to improve the wear resistance of tread rubber, puncture resistance, tear resistance of the characteristics of the application of tires in the project is very meaningful, 2.5 tread rubber mixed obviously demonstrated its superiority .

(4) Other applications Short fiber reinforced rubber products such as seals, printing rubber cover rubber, suction shock absorber, automotive anti-shock flexible plate and clutch, rubber screen, hollow circular docks and fenders, Disk, miners cap and so on.