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Ozone aging and protection of rubber products

Nov 17, 2016

Ozone is an important factor in the aging of rubber products in the atmosphere. Ozone is more active than oxygen, so it is rubber, especially unsaturated rubber attack much more serious than oxygen.

Ozone in the atmosphere (o3) is absorbed by oxygen molecules in the short-wave ultraviolet light in sunlight, the decomposition of the

Oxygen atoms and oxygen molecules combined again. In the sky 20 ~ 30km away from the surface of the Earth there is a concentration of about 5X10 - the ozone layer 'With the vertical flow of air, ozone is brought to the Earth's surface, the ozone concentration from the ground to the ground gradually lower. In addition, ozone is generated in the places where the ultraviolet light is concentrated, in the discharge places, and in the vicinity of the electric motor, particularly where spark is generated. Ozone concentration in the atmosphere is usually 0 ~ 5X10-8. Different regions' different concentrations of ozone; different seasons, the concentration of ozone is also different. Although the ground near the ozone concentration is very low, but the harm caused by rubber can not be ignored.