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Color rubber products manufacturing method

Nov 17, 2016

Coloring method of rubber products are mainly surface coloring and mixing two kinds of coloring. The surface of the table is the coloring agent sprayed to the surface of rubber products, rubber products, coloring. The law of static products have a certain effect on the dynamic products, coloring agent easy to peel off, easy to fade. Mixing coloring is the main method of rubber coloring, sub-solution method and mixing method two. One mixing method and dry powder coloring, color paste, particle coloring and masterbatch coloring and other methods.

The method is to use the good solvent to dissolve the rubber into a certain concentration of solution, and then the coloring agent and sulfur addition to the rubber compound added to the solution mixed with stirring, drying at a certain temperature to remove the solvent, and finally in the mixing machine Add sulfur. The coloring method is complicated in operation, the coloring agent and the dispersing agent are not evenly distributed, and the color difference and the solvent are difficult to be recovered and polluted the environment.