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Classification and design procedures for rubber product formulations

Nov 17, 2016

Basic formula, also known as the standard formula, generally used for raw rubber and with the identification agent. The basic processing and physical properties are checked using the basic formulation when a certain raw rubber or compounding agent is used for the first time. The basic formulation is designed in a conventional formulation that is comparable to previous materials. The formulation should be as simple as possible and include only the basic components that reflect the basic process properties of the compound and the basic physical properties of the vulcanizate , The composition of these basic components of the compound can not only reflect the basic properties of rubber compounds (such as Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, etc.), but also reflects the basic physical properties of vulcanized rubber (such as hardness, tensile Strength, modulus, tensile elongation, etc.). It can be said that these basic components are indispensable. Different parts of the basic formula is often different, but the same basic types of plastic base formula, the same.