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A Further Introduction to the Related Characteristics of Large Diameter Hose

Nov 17, 2016

1, pressure: large diameter hose specified working pressure is not less than the maximum system pressure, the normal oil drilling high pressure hose only a few cases can be used. He only allows an increase of 20%; frequent use of bending and bending to reduce 40%.

2, temperature, fluid temperature and ambient temperature, both stable and transient, large diameter hose shall not exceed the limit temperature of heat recommended temperature higher or lower than the hose, hose can reduce performance, resulting in damage to the hose, leading to leakage.

3, the fluid compatibility: large diameter hose fluid should be consistent with the product samples in the "use" rules, high-pressure wire braided hose characteristics of the provisions of the use of life should ensure that the management and safety.

4, large diameter hose suitable connection end: Because the nut connection is convenient, the low cost widespread use, under the permission condition vibration is bigger, should fully consider the nut tight question, must take the flange connection.