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A Brief Introduction to the Physical Meaning of Commonly Used Rubber Products

Nov 17, 2016

(1) Mooney viscosity Mooney viscometer with the rubber body viscosity is measured, the principle is to fill the plastic material in the viscometer cavity and the rotor between the mold, at a certain temperature (usually 100 ℃) preheating , So that the rotor rotation for a certain time (usually 4min) measured torque value. The greater the value, indicating that the greater the viscosity of the compound, commonly used ML (1 +4) 100 ℃ said

(2) Mooney scorch. This is an indication of the scorch time of the compound. It is usually measured at 120 ° C (with a vulcanizing system) plus 5 Mooney values from the lowest point (as required) Other rise in value) of the time. The longer this time, the more rubbery the scorch is, and the safer the process is.